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fflecsi is a different way to travel by bus and an exciting new service from Transport for Wales in partnership with your local bus operators

Download the fflecsi app to book

Our app is the easiest way to use fflecsi. The app shows you where your fflecsi service is, where it’ll pick you up and when it’ll arrive

or book by calling us on 0300 234 0300
Mon–Sat: 7am – 7pm
Sunday: 9am – 6pm

Image of flecsi app on a smartphone
Image of a woman getting on a bus

How does it work?

fflecsi buses can pick you up and drop you off in a service area and not just at a bus stop. You must book your ride via the app or phone, then a bus picks you up at your request, changing its route so that all passengers can get to where they need to go.

Your safety is paramount, and we’ve designed fflecsi to carry passengers safely and knowing how many passengers we’re picking up means we can guarantee you a seat and avoid overcrowding.


Download our app or call us

Set up your account and choose your pick-up and drop-off points or call us on 0300 234 0300


Book Your trip

Choose your pick-up and drop-off points. You’ll receive confirmation and live updates of your bus



Head to your pick-up point in plenty of time and be ready to start your journey

fflecsi locations

fflecsi is designed to meet local needs - check out the locations below to see how it works in each area


fflecsi is designed to be an affordable service. For fare information please check the location page for the area you’ll be travelling in. You can still use your season or pre-purchased ticket.

MyTravelpass discounts apply.

You can also use your 60 and over or disabled concessionary travel card.

fflecsi works differently to support local needs – check the location page for the area you want to see if this is possible

Yes. You can use your concessionary card on all fflecsi services.

You pay on the bus using a contactless bank card or Smartcard. Some operators accept cash as well, but please check the location page to see if this is possible where you’re travelling.

The best way to book and manage your journeys is to download our app on your smartphone or tablet but you can still call to book by calling us on 0300 234 0300.

Our app provides you with a quick and easy way to request fflecsi. Once you’ve booked, our app confirms where it’ll pick you up and when it’ll arrive. You can even check the current location of your bus as it comes to pick you up.

Your bus will pick you up from a convenient point near to where you are, but this may not be at a bus stop. If you’re using our app, it will show you where your pick-up point is.

If you call us to book, our adviser will explain where your pick-up point is.

Our app will tell you when your bus will arrive. Please make sure you’re at your pick-up point in plenty of time.

We need to make sure your fflecsi service runs smoothly as other passengers will be relying on it.  Your bus will wait for you for two minutes but will then need to leave to pick up the next passenger.

By booking the service you want to use, we can make sure that our buses pick-up only as many passengers as can be safely carried and it guarantees you a seat. During your journey, please wear a face covering unless you’re exempt (remember it’s the law), keep windows open where possible to help ventilation, be respectful to other passengers and the driver and try to maintain some distance from others where possible.

fflecsi services are provided by local bus operators working with councils and Transport for Wales.

If we haven’t answered all your questions , please email us at or call us on 0300 234 0300.