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or book by calling us on 0300 234 0300
Mon–Sat: 7am – 7pm
Sunday: 9am – 6pm

Service hours

Monday 05:30 - 09:15
17:45 - 23:00
Tuesday 05:30 - 09:15
17:45 - 23:00
Wednesday 05:30 - 09:15
17:45 - 23:00
Thursday 05:30 - 09:15
17:45 - 23:00
Friday 05:30 - 09:15
17:45 - 23:00
Saturday 05:30 - 09:15
17:45 - 23:00

Zone 1 Ebbw Vale

Important changes to fflecsi service in Blaenau Gwent

The fflecsi bus service has been running in Blaenau Gwent since June 2021, operated by Transport for Wales and Stagecoach on behalf of Blaenau Gwent CBC.

This pilot project trialled a new approach to bus services to enable residents to get to work, education, attend appointments, connect with other public transport, socialise and shop from early in the morning until late in the evening.

Following feedback from residents and customers during the pilot, we are introducing some changes to the service from Monday 3 July 2023.

The fflecsi service will continue to operate from 5.30am until 9.15am in the morning and between 17.45pm and 23.00pm during the evening.

Passengers are advised to make bookings as usual using the app or calling our team on 0300 234 0300.

A new timetabled service will operate from 9.24am to 17.45pm during the day and there will be no need to make a booking in advance, passengers will be able to pick up the bus at their nearest stop.

Timetables are available for the new E1 and E2 services.

Should you have any questions regarding the changes to the fflecsi service please contact the team on 0300 234 0300 or email

If you have any queries on the new timetabled service you can contact Stagecoach direct on 0345 241 8000.


You can go anywhere in zone 1 all the time and in zone 2 between 5.15 and 8.00 in the morning, between 1.15 and 2.15 in the afternoon and between 6.00 and 10.35 in the evening.

There are currently no fflecsi services on a Sunday or Bank Holidays

fflecsi will pick you up from where you like, drop you off where you want to go and bring you back again. As the bus doesn’t run to a fixed route or timetable, the route will vary depending on who else has booked at similar times with similar destination.

You can buy single or return tickets from your driver or buy day rider or 1 week tickets on the Stagecoach bus app.

For longer tickets or ticket zone details, visit If you already have a valid Stagecoach ticket you can still use it on fflecsi and concessionary cardholders travel free

Yes, all persons travelling, including children and babies, should be booked as an additional passenger.