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or book by calling us on 0300 234 0300
Mon–Sat: 7am – 7pm
Sunday: 9am – 6pm

Service hours

Monday 09:30 - 14:30
Tuesday 09:30 - 14:30
Wednesday 09:30 - 14:30
Thursday 09:30 - 14:30
Friday 09:30 - 14:30


Working in partnership with Denbighshire County Council, this will also be the country’s first-ever battery-operated, zero emission 16-seat minibus delivering the fflecsi service.

Fflecsi buses can pick you up and drop you off almost anywhere in your service area, not just at a bus stop. It’s designed to help you make flexible and convenient local journeys. A bus picks you up at your request, changing its route so that all passengers can get to where they need to go. The bus will be able to travel to any destination it can access safely within the zone.

You just need to book your ride at least one hour ahead on the fflecsi app, or by calling 0300 234 0300. For further information on fflecsi in Ruthin call 01824 706880. We’ll be happy to help.

Introductory adult fares will be £1.50 single for any journey from the villages into Ruthin or £1 within Ruthin. There are concessions for children under 16 and for young adults with their valid MyTravelPass. And Concessionary Bus Pass holder travel free of charge as usual.